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What’s the Right Age to Start Training?

Bringing home a new little furry friend is exciting, and those first days are often filled with a lot of snuggles and laughing as your puppy starts exploring the world. As you and your puppy settle into daily life the next step is to decide when to start training. Many new and first-time owners don’t realize just how soon you can start training your puppy, and how beneficial that can be. Obedience Commands & So

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Tips For Choosing The Right Breed Puppy

There are a variety of breeds to choose from, which is where the problem begins and you don’t want to make the wrong decision because it’ll affect you and your family as well as the dog. And while some breeds might have been trained differently depending on where they live and who trains them, it might not be the same for you. So when you’re getting down to it, here are three important factors to consider when

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Ticks & Fleas are pain

Ticks are the creepy crawly monsters that feature in most pet parents’ nightmares. The mere sight of one of these bloodthirsty insects latched onto your pet’s skin is enough to cause a shiver to run down your spine. There are hundreds of different species of ticks that can transmit diseases like Lyme Disease, Tick-borne Relapsing Fever and some specific ticks also pass on tick borne encephalitis. Fleas are a

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