A recent study done by The Journal of Animal Physiology found out that various dog food brands contained beef, soy, and poultry in detectable amounts. This outlook on pet foods has been triggered by the various pet food recalls in recent times. This has left many pet owners wondering whether they are feeding their pets the right food. Since the 2006 recall, serious pet owners have resulted in feeding their pets home-cooked meals.

Preparing home-cooked meals has many benefits. Besides, home-cooked meals give your dog something to be happy about. Generally, a dog that feeds on home-cooked meals is more healthy and happy than a dog that feeds on packed foods. Here are the top five awesome health benefits of home-cooked meals for your dog.

1. Better Gut Health

Commercial dog foods mostly contain fillers and preservatives that affect the gut balance of your dog. Furthermore, the lack of moisture makes the dog suffer from various gut-related diseases. If your dog starts experiencing chronic vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, or obesity, they are all likely signs of unhealthy dog food.

Cooking your dog fresh homemade foods helps restore the gut system to a natural balance. The dog gets more moisturized food, and you get to eliminate fillers and preservatives. The nutrient levels of a home-cooked meal are also higher than that of commercial foods.

2. Healthy Skins

Is your dog’s skin worn off? If your dog’s skin is too dry or looks worn off, chances are that you need to start feeding it homemade food. The skin of your dog, just like yours, thrills under various nutrients and moisture. Dog’s foods are mostly dry and do not help in supplying the dog with moisture. A dog, unlike human beings, loses much of its moisture on a sunny day by cooling its body through mouth evaporation. Any dog that does not get a sufficient supply of moisture, both from food and water, is bound to have dry skin. When the skin gets dry, it is likely to develop further complications.

3. Stronger Teeth

Every dog needs to have strong teeth. Its teeth are the only weapon it can rely upon. Unfortunately, commercial dog foods do not aid in strengthening the teeth. As a natural predator, the teeth of a dog are made to tear into flesh and chew. The idea of your dog feeding on beef supplements, that have already been processed, just serves to make the teeth weak. As a result, the dog becomes less aggressive. If you rely on your dog for security at any level, then feeding it an all-natural homemade meal will help strengthen its powers.

4. Improved Kidney Health

A dog that suffers from kidney disease needs food that is less toxic with plenty of water. A dog that feeds on natural homemade food tends to spray more often than a dog that feeds on commercial foods. If your dog is having kidney problems, feeding it homemade foods will help in reducing the symptoms. If well managed, you could increase the life of your dog by several years when you feed them with well-prepared homemade foods. If your dog is experiencing spraying issues, you should have them checked for kidney disease and start feeding them homemade foods.

5. Mental Health.

One of the key factors that cause a dog to be frustrated or irritated is feeding it food it does not like. If you feed your dog with well-cooked homemade foods, the dog will be generally jovial and playful. A happy and playful dog engages in more physical activities. When the dog is active, the brain releases chemicals that are responsible for changing its mood and releasing it of anxiety. A dog that feeds on homemade food is generally stress-free and more interactive. It is also not easily agitated and is always friendly to you.

Bottom Line:

Just like human beings, dogs greatly benefit from feeding on natural foods. When you prepare good and tasty meals that are well balanced for your dog, you give it a chance to live long and happily. Every dog that feeds on natural homemade foods has healthier skin, less digestive problems, and is generally happy. Therefore, it is only reasonable for you to prepare well-cooked food for your dog if you value it. You can try any of the best-known homemade dog food recipes and find out what your dog loves.

Source: https://waggytailsofknoxville.com/5-surprising-health-benefits-home-cooked-meals-dog/