There’s just something about puppies that keeps you in a perpetual ‘awww’ state. Puppyhood is a magical time for pet parents but it’s not all Instagram moments and cuddles. You will have some surprises and, in this article, we’re going to brief you on what you’re really in for –

They chew everything – Pups are brand new to the world and they have no idea that some of the things they meet could hurt them. They try to chew just about anything they encounter. So before your pup comes home, remember to puppy-proof. Get dustbins with closed lids, put wires away and out of reach, keep your shoes in closed storage and temporarily roll up all your carpets and rugs (trust us).  Cleaning supplies, shoe polish any other chemical-based product that is in your pup’s path should be put safely away. They generally don’t know how to judge whether something is dangerous or not, so it’s up to you to keep these things away.

You need to take extra care of their health – Before your pet comes home, you should identify a good vet (speak to professionals in the field and get recommendations from trusted pet parents). Vaccinating your pet is a priority when you finally pick them up. Pups don’t have very strong immune systems yet and are susceptible to a number of lethal diseases like parvovirus and distemper. Vaccinate them as per your vet’s recommendations and don’t allow them to come in contact with other dogs until all their vaccinations are complete. Many of these diseases can be picked up on walks and areas that have garbage so until all their vaccines have been given, don’t start their walks. Use pee pads and concentrate on potty training them at home.

It’s a full time Job – Puppies need to fed at least four times a day, they need to be potty trained, vaccinated and so on. When you bring home a puppy, at least one adult needs to be home to take care of the pup. Inconsistent potty training or socializing could result in a number of problems later on that will be much harder to train out of your dog. Not feeding your pup enough will definitely lead to malnutrition and poor health.

They grow up –Many people who bring home a pup don’t think beyond the cute puppy phase. Adorable St. Bernard pups will grow up into giant adult dogs. And while dogs are adorable at any age, there is a big difference in caring for a puppy-sized creature and a fully grown adult. Young children who poured all their love and attention on a puppy may lose interest when the pup grows up. Rather than giving in to your child’s pleas, ask yourself if you are ready for the responsibility of a dog. Because you’re probably going to be the one who picks up the poo.

Despite the responsibility that comes with this phase, it is one of the best. You will think back and laugh at all the ‘firsts’ and all the antics. Dogs are there for you, no matter what and no questions asked. No dog deserves to have their heartbroken and those that are given up just because they ‘grew too big’ or because families ‘just couldn’t manage’ are heartbroken.

So, the first rule of being a pet lover is really to bring a pet home only if you’re ready to care for them all the way until the end.