There is a common belief amongst new pet owners that keeping a pet fish is very low maintenance compared to keeping other pets. This notion is not entirely true.

Yes, freshwater fish might not be as expensive as taking care of another kind of pet, but they do have needs that pet owners must tend to, just like any other pet animal. Keeping in mind these needs and requirements, here are some tips on taking care of one’s fish the right way:

1. Pick the right tank size

While this might sound obvious to some people, there are many who pick a tank that is too big or too small for their fish. It is always safer to go big on this one. A big tank will allow the fish to grow, explore, and enjoy its time. However, the costs of maintaining a large tank might not make sense if all a person has is a small goldfish.

Therefore, once a pet owner decides on what kind of fish they want and how many they are planning to keep, one must research the minimum tank requirements and purchase the recommended size.

2. Keep the tank in perfect condition!

One cannot stress how important a clean tank is to keep a fish alive and swimming. Always make sure to place some gravel and a filter before adding water and putting the fish in. Another thing to keep in mind is the pH level of the water.

Try to go for natural pH level increasing methods like adding moss instead of using chemicals to do the same. If the water is too hot or too cold, the fish might die. Always check the water temperature before putting the fish in. Aqua illumination led lights are also necessary for the fishes to thrive.

3. Provide a clean environment

Every living thing thrives in a clean environment. This statement is critical and true when it comes to pet fishes. A dirty tank not only spoils the whole aesthetic of the surroundings but is also very detrimental to aquatic life’s health.

Replace 1/4 of the tank water with fresh and clean water every week. It is always better to make small water changes frequently than complete water changes regularly. This tip does not mean that you do not need to clean the whole tank out. Try to remove all the water and put in a new batch of water once every month.

4. The right diet

The next tip is related to food. What kind of food should the fish eat? How much food does the fish need? Is there a need to switch the fish food after some time? A pet fish owner must be aware of all these things before deciding to take care of one. And how can one know all these? The answer is thorough research!

All this information is readily available on the internet or even the pet shop. Know what kind of food the pet fish requires, whether it is live food or regular fish food. Do not overfeed the fish. If they do not eat everything and leave some food floating on the water, that amount likely is too much for them. Changing up the diet is not a bad idea.

5. Do not mix the fish up!

According to Michele Taylor, a “crazy fish lady” at Aquariumfish City, “every pet fish owner should remember that some aggressive fish species and some community fish are much more mellow and friendly. Keeping both types in the same tank will be a bad idea. The beta fish might attack the other fishes.”

You can keep a separate tank for the two types of fish. This tip is also relevant for big fish and small fish. The bigger breeds are likely to attack or even consume the smaller ones. Always research the type of fish you have bought, and make the necessary arrangements for each of them.

6. Keep an open eye to any changes

Nothing in life is predictable, and this saying goes for fishes as well. Pet fish owners should always observe what is happening in the tanks and note down any unusual changes taking place. If a fish looks unwell, take it to the vet as soon as possible.


With these easy tips, no one can go wrong regarding fish care! Always keep in mind that fishes also have needs like other pets, and the owner has to tend to all their needs. Learn about the fish before buying it. And remember, clean tank, happy fish!